Oil and Gas

SAEPL offers a fully integrated and complete oil field support services from the wellhead to the midstream and transmission segments of the industry.
This includes an infrastructure of oil and gas production facilities for gathering, treating, separating and processing hydrocarbons. This segment also includes liquids and gas pipelines for transmission of those hydrocarbons to the terminal or downstream refineries and facilities for further processing. The pipelines are supported by the stations periodically constructed along the route, necessary for providing compression, pumping, metering and regulating of the hydrocarbons being delivered to downstream destinations. Its clients include major, independent and national oil companies, product and natural gas pipeline transmission companies and oil, gas and product storage companies.

Ours participates in the engineering/design, construction, and maintenance and life-cycle extension of upstream markets to include:

  • Field oil and gas gathering facilities
  • Transmission pipelines(Oil and Gas)
  • Compressor stations
  • Separation and treating facilities
  • Injection and re-injection facilities
  • Gas storage facilities
  • Crude oil storage facilities
  • Heavy oil processing modules
  • Flow Lines
  • Wellhead and side preparation services
  • Modular Skid for Oil and Gas.
  • Pipeline

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